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Selling Fleet Units that are Damaged, Wrecked, have Mechanical Failure, or High Mileage


Sell Damaged, Wrecked, Mechanical Failure, or High Mileage Fleet Units

There are many challenges associated with selling company-owned fleet vehicles. Often business owners fleet managers and service managers focus on maintenance, compliance, accidents, safety, and insurance.

The current market makes it challenging to know the best plan of action to replace and sell fleet and commercial company-owned vehicles without taking a loss.  

Prestige Auto Brokers offers a fleet disposal program that is personalized and designed to accommodate companies needing to sell unwanted, damaged, wrecked, salvage, or units that have mechanical failures including bad engines, bad transmissions, in-operable, or borderline total, total loss, salvage units or high mileage vehicles needing to be rotated.

Fleet dispositioning with a refined forecasted life cycle eliminates guesswork, reduces administrative costs, and eliminates costly repairs while minimizing driver downtime.

Common Fleet Disposal Mistakes 

1. Selling Fleet and Service Vehicles After They Are Run Into The Ground Or Have Aged

Companies lose money when their commercial fleet vehicles are damaged, older, and out-of-date. In today's market, chip shortages and lack of inventory are costing small and large businesses valuable time and money by not optimizing and planning for the best time to disposition commercial fleet vehicles based on use, condition, and current market values.

2.  Trading Fleet or Commercial Owned Vehicles At Dealerships 

In theory, this may seem to be the best choice because it’s convenient, however when your vehicles are wrecked, damaged, have a mechanical failure, or have too many miles Dealerships are most likely not going to offer you an amount that competes with our Fleet Disposition Program.

Prestige Auto Brokers Is The Premier Dealership and Specializes in Buying Damaged / Out-Of-Commission Commercial Fleet Vehicles.         

As a result, the convenience of selling to dealerships leaves money on the table. In addition, administrative costs increase exponentially with the time and labor dedicated to selling fleet units that continue to diminish in value.

3. Selling Them To Consumers By Advertising

Most companies lack the expertise or manpower to sell damaged, wrecked, salvaged, or out-of-commission commercial vehicles. Often it is time-consuming and can cause of long list of potential risks, several states treat a business selling vehicles much differently than if you are selling as an individual, resulting in the need to obtain a “Dealer License” in order to remain compliant with state law.

Cost considerations to think about when selling commercial fleet vehicles to consumers: 

Create and Buy Advertising, Staff Takes on Numerous Phone Calls, Dedicated Personnel to Show & Sell Fleet Vehicles, Cancel-Transfer State Registrations, and Adjust Insurance Policies.

4. Commercial Fleet Vehicle Life Cycles

Successful Fleet Managers, Service Managers, and Service Company Professionals must have a strategy for their organization’s commercial fleet disposition success. A commercial fleet vehicle life cycle strategy is a critical part of any business that depends on transportation uptime and is an essential part of minimizing loss and capitalizing on the market value of fleet assets 

Often, companies are so behind schedule and bogged down with conducting day-to-day operations that proper fleet disposition planning can fall by the wayside and cost companies significant money by simply having we’ll play it by ear approach or simply running their assets in the ground—this a guaranteed method to lose any value that would otherwise be profitable.

The good news is there is an optimal time to replace each commercial vehicle in a fleet. The bad news is that In today's volatile automotive market Fleet Managers, Service Managers, and Service Company Owners are losing more time and money in the resale market. Costs of keeping up maintenance on older, damaged, and run-down units are creating detrimental driver downtime.

Maintaining older fleet vehicles cause losses with increasing wait time on parts, labor cost repairing them, and the diminishing value of older damaged fleet vehicles.

Prestige Auto Brokers Fleet Disposition Program Eliminates These Complex Issues When Selling Commercial Fleet Vehicles

Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs,  Box Trucks, Semi-Trucks, Tractor-Trailers, Reefer Trailers, Heavy Equipment, Recreational Vehicles