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Getting More Money Retaining Ownership When Involved in a Collision

Retain Ownership Insurance Program

When someone is involved in an automobile accident, they typically will need to contact their insurance company for hopefully a fair insurance settlement. The process of receiving a fair insurance settlement is often complex and difficult when someone is involved in a collision.

Insurance companies are known to offer the least amount possible when settling collision claims. The good news is there is an alternative solution that could yield more money for drivers who are involved in an automobile collision.  

Most people that are involved in a collision don’t know the law allows them to choose which collision center they want to get an estimate from, as well as, have the right to choose a collision center they prefer to work with to get their vehicle repaired.

Retain Ownership Insurance Program - How The Money Works

When you are involved in a collision you also have the right to retain ownership and keep your damaged vehicle. If you choose not to retain ownership and accept the insurance settlement offer the insurance company will take ownership of the vehicle and sell the vehicle to whomever they want and you will receive an insurance settlement.  If you choose to retain ownership of your vehicle you have the ability to sell your vehicle to Prestige Auto Brokers. We are a specialized dealership that buys wrecked, salvage, damaged, total loss, borderline total loss, mechanical failure total loss vehicles. When you retain ownership of your vehicle the insurance company will offer you a "retain ownership insurance settlement

The money you receive from selling your wrecked vehicle to Prestige Auto Brokers combined with insurance companies’ ownership retention settlement can easily pay collision customers thousands of dollars more than what insurance companies are willing to offer you when they take ownership of the vehicle

Retain Ownership Insurance Settlement  + Prestige Auto Brokers Purchase