Frequently asked questions when searching for a vehicle.

Do you have to be a dealer to purchase a vehicle here?
No, you do not have to be a dealer to purchase a vehicle here.

Do you have to have a special license to purchase a vehicle here?
No, you don not need a special license to purchase a vehicle here.

Do all your vehicles have salvage titles?

What kind of guarantee or warranty do you offer?
All of our vehicles are sold as is where is. We do not offer any guarantees or warrantees.

Can I purchase a salvage title vehicle?
Yes, anyone can purchase up to five salvage title vehicles a year. A valid Drivers License and signed documentation are required.

What do I need to purchase a car here?
Some type of government issued ID, preferably a valid Drivers License.

Do you finance?
Sorry, Prestige Auto Brokers does not finance.

Are your prices negotiable?
Yes, all of our prices are negotiable within reason.

What types of payments do you accept?
We accept cash, wire transfers, and verifiable cashier's checks.

Do you accept business and personal checks?

If I purchase a vehicle, how much of a deposit must I leave?
All deposits are based on a percentage of the agreed upon price.

After I put down a deposit, how long do I have to pay?
We like to finalize all transaction within two (2) weeks.

What would happen if I decide I do not want a vehicle after I put down a deposit?
Deposits are non refundable. We always recommend that you be absolutely sure you want to purchase the vehicle before putting a deposit on it.

What type of fees are there on top of the agreed upon price?
Sales tax, a $5.00 e-tag fee (if applicable), and a $25.00 documentary fee is charged to all transactions.

Must I pay sales tax if I am exporting a purchased vehicle?
You must pay sales tax on all Salvage Title & Original Title TLC vehicles unless you are the owner of a government recognized Auto Dealer with proper documentation. Individuals have 30 days to export the vehicle & receive a tax refund from their export broker, or petition the state for a refund of the sales tax.

If I pay off my vehicle do I have to move it the same day?

Can I get a temporary tag when I buy a vehicle?
Only if the vehicle is NOT a salvage title vehicle and has a current Texas state inspection sticker.

If I purchase a vehicle, can I drive it off of the lot?
Only Original title and Original title TLC vehicles with current inspection stickers may be issued Temporary Tags and driven off the lot. It is illegal to operate a salvage title vehicle on a public street.

If I purchase a vehicle in my name but later decide to change it, can you change the title for me?
Once the vehicle has left the lot we will not change the name on the title, no exceptions.

Can you leave a title open?
No. No exceptions.

Can I purchase a vehicle for someone else?
Yes. We will however require a valid drivers license for the intended owner as well as additional documentation and signatures if applicable.

Are children allowed to accompany adults on your lot?
We strongly suggest your children remain at home or in your car when you visit us. If you do bring children onto the lot you do so at your own risk and we must insist you keep them close to you at all times.

What is a flood vehicle?
A vehicle that has been in a flood and has had at least some water in it.

Do you have wreckers to deliver my purchased vehicle?

I am a dealer, what type of information do you need from me?
Copies of the owners Drivers License, Dealers License, Salvage license (if applicable), and sales and use tax permit. If you have additional authorized buyers, please supply a list of names along with a copy of their Drivers License.

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